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Patient Advocacy
Claims Negotiation
Chronic Care

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Patient Advocacy

Why Advocacy Works

Members are not always given the correct information and unprepared when it comes to their healthcare. We are trusting that our insurance will cover more services than it actually will, and sometimes we are hit with bills that are completely unexpected. Most members are not aware that they have the right to question a medical charge, request another provider, or to appeal an insurance denial. We all need an advocate that we can trust to lead us in the right direction when it comes to our healthcare. Someone we know will be acting in our best interest, caring for us and with our families, the entire way through.

Our compassionate healthcare professionals understand the challenges that we face when desiring to provide the best health care treatment available for someone who is in need. Patient PAL Advocacy provides treatment options, navigating your members through the “maze of healthcare”, so they have peace knowing they have been given the best options available to help them during a critical time.

Patient PAL works closely with your Benefits Departments as an enhancement, providing options for your members that they will appreciate you for.

Claims Negotiation

Is your company Self-Funded?
Good call… It’s your money!

Most employers utilize discounts through their carrier, TPA or managed care organization. Never looking at the line items billed, simply the discount off the top.

No matter the size of the group, or the amount of employees, we will work hard for the best outcome directly with the provider to save your healthcare overhead, while protecting the financial exposure of your member on every claim.

A car listed at $80k and purchased for $60k is not a good deal when the car is worth $10k.

We touch every claim putting a human voice behind our offering directly with the provider. No computer prompting or “re-pricing”. Our internal health claims data provides the critical information for our negotiators to achieve additional savings on every claim. IN or Out-of-Network, we get it done.

You work hard to service your clients & you care about your members. Let us work hard to protect your bottom line.

Chronic Care

Chronic Conditions affect us in the work force or retired. Patient PAL is providing outreach that will help navigate the complexities of these Chronic Conditions through non face-to-face interactions to obtain the best outcome for your members. Patient PAL Help + Healthcare Awareness = Greater Outcomes.

For Physicians

  • Digital/Verbal outreach to your “at-risk patients” between office visits
  • Improve overall patient satisfaction through our advocates outreach to your members
  • CCM will provide a new revenue stream to your practice, billing through the available CPT Codes provided by CMS relating to CCM, AWV, RPM.

For Employers

  • Clinicians will receive payment specifically in support of their provision of care using Chronic Condition Outreach approach.
  • Improving your employee’s care satisfaction and compliance will result in decreased hospitalization and emergency department visits.