Community Health: July 2015


Plan Ahead and STOP eating addictive food! Most “diet” foods we eat, today, and the meals you find at fast food restaurants, are designed to be as addictive as possible to keep you coming back for more. Eating these foods distorts your appetite and causes us to consume more calories than we require.

What can you do? Plan ahead, plan your meals and fill up on high-quality protein, fiber and fat.  Losing fat while feeling full has more to do with filing up on the right things, rather than simply avoiding the junk. When you are hungry your body doesn’t necessarily want food, it wants nutrition.

How can this be accomplished? The key is to feed yourself real and fresh whole foods that are high in nutrients and satiate your hunger. Plan ahead and stock up on fresh veggies, fruits, nuts and good pasture-raised meat. Stop depriving yourself and fill up on REAL FOOD!


Summer is here and that doesn’t mean we have to limit our outside time, but it does mean higher temperatures and the need to STAY HYDRATED! There are so many ways to stay hydrated that include water, but also include nutrients that your body needs that you may not have been aware contain ways to keep your body hydrated.

Swimming, biking, hiking, walking – these are all outside activities that require a little extra hydration on our part, especially in the heat of the summer. Always ensure that when participating in your favorite outdoor activity that you take extra water. Avoid exercise and exposure during high heat index days, avoid alcohol consumption, especially when it is very warm, because alcohol increases water loss and impairs your ability to sense early signs associated with dehydration.  Wear light-colored and loose-fitting clothing if you must be outdoors while it is hot outside. Carry a personal fan or mister to cool yourself. Find air-conditioned or shady areas and allow yourself to cool between exposures.

A few unexpected ways to hydrate are found in different foods that we eat. Watermelon is made up of 92% water, it’s salt, magnesium and calcium make it ideal for rehydration. Celery stalks are about 95% water, high in fiber and rich in minerals. Cucumbers are 96% water and have no saturated fats or cholesterol. Strawberries are 92% water, the most of any berry, and are loaded with fiber and vitamin C.

There are so many ways to keep yourself hydrated and completely enjoy all your outdoor activities.